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What should be paid attention to when stamping stainless steel

Time:2023/2/24 Posted:Hong Kong Eposh Technology Co., Ltd.
In the use of stamping materials, stainless steel materials are mostly used. What should we know in advance about stainless steel stamping? How to avoid unnecessary situations?

During the stamping process of stainless steel, we need to pay attention to the springback deformation of stainless steel materials, and the springback of stainless steel materials will occur after stretching and forming. Due to the high hardness of stainless steel, the material springback is large. When designing the forming mold, we need to predict the springback value of the material, and minimize the size problems caused by the material springback. For heat treatment, many stainless steel stamping and drawing parts will have higher hardness requirements, but because the harder the material is, the more difficult the drawing is. Sometimes it is necessary to conduct heat treatment after forming to meet the hardness requirements, but the stamping parts after heat treatment are prone to deformation, and the deformation amount needs to be taken into account in mold design. Selection of tools: stainless steel has high hardness, which will cause relatively large loss to the tool edge of the mold. Therefore, when selecting tools, it is necessary to make appropriate selection according to the hardness of stainless steel materials.

Selection of stainless steel stamping oil: The selection of stamping oil should be careful. The proper stainless steel stamping and drawing oil must contain sulfur and chlorine compound additives, which can prevent the stamping parts from hardening, deformation, burr, crack and other problems. In order to make the stamping parts easy to clean, we can choose low viscosity stamping and drawing oil.

In stainless steel stamping, there may also be scratches on the surface, cracks on the stamping parts, and material problems on the mold.
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