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Technological advantages and manufacturing principles of metal stamping parts

Time:2023/2/27 Posted:Hong Kong Eposh Technology Co., Ltd.
With the improvement of the quality of life at present, metal stamping parts have penetrated into various fields, and they have been closely related to our lives. Hardware stamping parts are made by stamping process. The stamping process is a processing method that applies external force to the workpiece plate blank to produce plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain a certain size, shape and performance of the workpiece. The stamping and drawing process shall be selected and designed with advanced technology, reasonable economy and safe and reliable use in combination with the actual conditions of equipment and personnel. The following describes the technological advantages and manufacturing principles of metal stamping parts:

1、 Technological advantages of metal stamping parts

(1) The assembly and repair of metal stamping parts require convenience, convenience and energy saving.

(2) The shape of the metal stamping parts is simple and the structure is reasonable, which can be beneficial to the manufacturing of the mold.

(3) Hardware stamping parts should be used to the greatest extent or to the existing material equipment, process equipment and process flow.

(4) Hardware stamping parts can improve the utilization rate of metal materials and reduce the types and specifications of materials.

(5) The hardware stamping parts are conducive to the exchange of the same batch of workpieces to reduce the scrap condition.

2、 Manufacturing principles of metal stamping parts

(1) Precision principle: the number of drawing processes is related to material properties, drawing height, drawing steps, drawing diameter, material thickness, etc.

(2) Fine principle: the number of processes for bending parts depends primarily on the degree of disorder of its structural shape, and depends on the number of bending angles and bending direction.

(3) Exquisite principle: when the sectional quality and standard accuracy of the stamping parts are required to be high, it can be considered to add the trimming process after the blanking process or directly select the fine blanking process.

(4) Precise principle: when blanking workpieces with simple shapes, the single-process die can be used. When blanking workpieces with disordered shapes, due to the limitation of the structure or strength of the die, the table should be divided into several parts for blanking, and multiple metal stamping processes should be selected.

(5) Principle of high-quality products: in order to ensure the quality of fine metal stamping parts, sometimes the number of processes is required. For example, the additional process hole punching of bending parts, the increase of deformation in the forming process, the reduction of hole punching to transfer the deformation area, etc., to ensure the fine and exquisite quality.
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